Thursday, 24 March 2011

Laurie: My Experience

Hi, it's Laurie here sharing my experience.

I have enjoyed my time here a lot. I believe that this event has been brilliant. It has showed me new skills and has given me some knowledge about computers. The School Report has made it possible for people to express their views, learn new skills and make new friends. The people here have been working all day to achieve a massive goal. The staff here have made this possible so I would like to thank them for all their great work. I would also like to thank everyone involved.

Callum: My Experience

Hi, Callum here and I am on the blogging team for Bristol BBC School Report. I have been blogging all day about what is happening here at the Watershed. We've had BBC Radio Bristol and BBC News here all day. The experience has been amazing!

All day, I have been writing custom HTML, CSS and PHP code for the blog to make it look good and also make it work well for users. We received 34 hits within the first hour, even two hits from Hungary!

My Day by Celene and Daisy

I thought today was a very good experience for everyone. It was very benificial and I especially enjoyed writing and filming our own reports. I think this will help me with future career choices. It helped with time management, as we had to have everyone done quickly and helped me to be able to cope in rushed and busy situations. Overall I am glad I participated in this activity as it helped with many things.

My Day by Megan

Hello, my name is Megan, and today I was presenting a short 'behind the scenes' film for BBC School Report. It was a lot of fun, but I had very little time to remember my lines so I found it hard. It was good though, and in the end I really enjoyed it. I just had to try and not fall over as I walked towards the camera!

My Day by Dougie

Hi I'm Dougie from Redland Green School. Today I have been filming for the BBC School Report. I went onto the streets to interview people about the University strikes which might go on Points West. I got kicked out of a cafe by the manager for interviewing his customers and I realised that interviewing is harder than it looks because very few people wanted to be interviewed.

Interviews with the student journalists by the students

More pictures from today!

Sally from 'Points West'

Matt from the BBC

Michelle from the BBC

Interview with Mohamed Daahir

Hi it's Laurie here telling you about our amazing BBC School Report day. This should be great fun for everyone, a lot of effort ,sweat and tears are going into this thrilling event!

We have some students from City Academy Bristol, Fairfield High School and Redland Green School. Right now they are interviewing Mohammed Daahir and Sam Pretty (who works with Mohammed). Daahir was a refugee from Somalia in July 2006 and is now living in Bristol. He is a trustee for a Bristol Refugee Rights and part of the Bristol Bike Project and a real success story. A fantastic interview, check it out on our School Report. URL to be posted soon!

Interview with Mark Cosgrove

Click to see a quick interview with Mark Cosgrove, head of program at the Watershed.

What a day!

Hi, Ms. Wredenfors here,

Myself and the two student bloggers, Laurie and Callum (an absolute artiste when it comes to editing HTML) are surrounded by an absolute flurry of activity with students interviewing exclusive guests, deciding the news bulletins for the day, reporting live to BBC Bristol radio and honing their presenting skills. BBC staff have commented that this truly seems to mirror the energy of a real news room.

I am so impressed with all the students from Fairfield, Redland Green and City Academy. They have formed such a dynamic team. Go Bristol schools!

Ms. Sutch & Ms. Heaney

Today is a true example of collaborative and creative partnership. The Watershed have been absolutely stellar in giving us the spacious Watershed 3 as our news base and the BBC are really inspiring in their work with the young reporters. I am also particularly grateful to the teachers attending today, Nicola Heaney, Becky Hughes and Caroline Sutch - what a dream team...

Sports shockers!

Helllo it's Laurie here telling you about our fantastic work going on out here at the Watershed.
We have Jay doing a great report on Gareth Bales injury that will put him out of the England friendly against Wales on saturday. Ouch! Will England be able to live up to the challenge, we will have to wait and see. Keep up the good work.

Our Blogging Reporters

Laurie, Fairfield School

Welcome to BBC Bristol School Report!

Hello from the BBC Bristol School Report! So far we have been researching and deciding on stories to report on. We have been on BBC Radio Bristol already today. Later, BBC Points West will be reporting at 13:45 and of course we will be live on the Red Button all day! Or, you can always visit the BBC School Report Website.

We will be blogging live throughout the day to document what's happening at the Watershed.

Callum and Laurie