Thursday, 24 March 2011

What a day!

Hi, Ms. Wredenfors here,

Myself and the two student bloggers, Laurie and Callum (an absolute artiste when it comes to editing HTML) are surrounded by an absolute flurry of activity with students interviewing exclusive guests, deciding the news bulletins for the day, reporting live to BBC Bristol radio and honing their presenting skills. BBC staff have commented that this truly seems to mirror the energy of a real news room.

I am so impressed with all the students from Fairfield, Redland Green and City Academy. They have formed such a dynamic team. Go Bristol schools!

Ms. Sutch & Ms. Heaney

Today is a true example of collaborative and creative partnership. The Watershed have been absolutely stellar in giving us the spacious Watershed 3 as our news base and the BBC are really inspiring in their work with the young reporters. I am also particularly grateful to the teachers attending today, Nicola Heaney, Becky Hughes and Caroline Sutch - what a dream team...